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Travel to Harare

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I want to go to Harare for a couple of months.. Is it safe to stay there?

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    For starters..please forgive me if any of my responses came across as though I was refering to EVERY zimbabwean..BELIEVE ME I know that your everyday zimbabwean is not a danger or a threat to anyone..and yes ordinary zimbabweans ARE some of the most kind and gentle people anyone could ever hope to meet...but I have to respectfully disagree with most of everything else you've stated...Zimbabwe IS on MOST countries travel is NOT stable especially with talk on upcoming elections prepare to see more violence which is already startin to happen. The white farm land invasions DID NOT end they are in fact still happening to this day. As well as the government, no there is NO UNITY NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN and the mdc have never been shy about saying that themselves. Mugabe has refused to work with the mdc and DOES NOT allow them equal share in law making/upholding the law. Yes the us dollar is in effect now but the majority cannot get their hands on ANY money at all..Zimbabwe IS NOT STABLE or SAFE and will not be until mugabe and zanu pf are out of power. BELIEVE I love zimbabwe that is where my heart is as well as with the people of zimbabwe and not 1 single day goes by that I forget to pray for them. Zimbabwe is on my mind EVERY SINGLE DAY.. it sounds to me though that you have the same refusal to see the truth about the human rights violations and lawlessness that the zanu pf has........hmmmmmm.....

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    I'm not a regular on this site. I was just 'passing through' when I bumped into this discussion. I'm sorry but Krissie is being overly sensative and misrepresenting a lot of facts.

    >Umm honey, please don't go there, everyone is getting murdered left and right there,

    There's been politically motivated viloence, and a number of people were reported dead. That's more in the past than of late. Zimbabwe has since formed a government of national unity, comprising of all the rival parties which has been running for the last 2 years

    That again happened way back in 2001, when white owned farms were being invaded. Since then, there could have been isolated cases, targeting local white commercial farmers, but not to the sensational levels krissie want to make it sound like.

    >cholera and malaria are running rampant,

    No they are not! There have been outbreaks in certain areas in the past, and they all were contained.

    >there's no food, clean water,

    Seriously? shouldn't we all be dead? Or probably looking like those stereotypical 'This is Africa' images from Somalia or Ethiopia? There could be areas with inadequate water supplies, or food, but Zimbabwe in general has enough food and water.

    >no safety, there $ is even worthless!

    Umm, Zimbabwe uses USD, Euro, South African Rand, and British Pound as legal tender. The Zimbabwe dollar was decommissioned years back. And in terms of safety, with the usual precautions, you are good to go.

    >Go on to or freezimbabwe any sites really that are
    >up to date about zimbabwe will tell you everything that's going on. Its not looking
    >good over there!

    There are also numerous other sites you could visit with a different perspective. I can dig up a few if need be.

    krissie, you've definitely never been to Zimbabwe. While everyone knows that we've been though very difficult times, and that we still have a lot of issues to resolve politically and otherwise, Zimbabwe right now is stable and if it was as bad as you would want everyone to believe, enough countries would have it on their travel ban list. Maybe, you should come to Zimbabwe and I'll host you and show you the true Zimbabwean hospitality ;)

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    So...I shouldn't plan a trip to see Victoria Falls? I was hoping to make international travel plans for next year - and this was one location I was considering...

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    Yes, your right it is very negative what I am saying, I have been following the zimbabwe situation for a couple months now, and the reason that I'm so interested in what's happening over there is because the amount of human rights violations happening by the government and the fact that it seems the rest of the world is turning the blind eye. Do you have access to youtube? If so please type in "Mugabe and the White African" it was shot a few yrs ago but that should get you started in your search for info on the problems in that country. Also the websites that I have gone onto for info are,, hope that helps. Zimbabwe was once one of the most beatiful places on earth a lot of people described it as "alittle piece of haven on earth" today? Nope, complete dump hospitals are barely even running, fuel, food, clean water, safety are all pretty much a thing of the past. But I would love to see it oneday heal.

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    Thank you for the reply! This is like very negative what u are saying! Have you been there? Because I met a lot of people from Zimbabwe now, but the opinions are very different! Please tell me more!


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    Umm honey, please don't go there, everyone is getting murdered left and right there, ESPECIALLY WHITES, cholera and malaria are running rampant, there's no food, clean water, no safety, there $ is even worthless! Go on to or freezimbabwe any sites really that are up to date about zimbabwe will tell you everything that's going on. Its not looking good over there!

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