Access Bars Practitioner Training - Certified Course

Access Bars Practitioner Training - Certified Course




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What is it you’ve been looking for but have never been able to find?

There’s a peace and relaxation possible for everyone in the world and in receiving a simple process for bodies called Access Bars it can occur with total ease. Best of all it’s not hard to learn.

By learning or receiving the Access Bars® technique you can give yourself and your clients friends family and co-workers the care kindness and nurturing you require with total ease.

What You Receive:

- Become certified in one day with one class.
- Learn the core technique from Access Consciousness® and have it with you for life.
- Run your own bars and those of your family and friends whenever you want.
- Become a member of the Bars Gifting and Receiving community in Turkey where you can give and receive Access Bars® sessions for free.
- If you did no other form of self-help, coaching or therapy and only ran your bars every day, you’d eventually become a conscious being, i.e. a magnet to everything you desire and more.

- Children below age of 15 are admitted free of charges.
- The Access Bars class is a hands on, in-person class. Long-distance sessions do not work, as Bars is a hands-on process that only works with the energy created by touching. It simply does NOT work long distance!

Price: First Time Class: TRY 1800.00

Category: Community | Religion and Spirituality | Meditation and Yoga

Venue details: İstanbul, İstanbul, İstanbul, 34110, Turkey

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