Lvd induction lamps-Looking for qualified partner in Brazil.



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Thanks so much for your attention to the information sent by Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
This is a changing era full of challenge and opportunity, so the opportunities can only be grasped by the ones who keep up with the trend of times. The e-commerce is booming all over the world, while the mode of O2O, with characteristic of innovative and hard to replicate, has been revealing more and more superiority. And trust has been improved to a new height by the transparent business mode. Following the trend of times, Shanghai Hongyuan LVD has begun to develop the new O2O business mode combining online and offline to exploit the local induction lamp markets together with excellent partners all of the world. The endless stream of interested emails and phone calls from all over the world is inseparable with Hongyuan LVD’s reputation built during more than 20 years. The win-win business mode can only be carried out on the premise that mutual trust is established between both sides.
Hongyuan LVD has provided the best platform for her mutual-trust partners. We possess a powerful technical team who once defeated Osram’s technology and we regard customers’ requirements as the foothold of Hongyuan LVD’s technological innovation all the time. Our technology will strive to serve your market and customize productions for you from research and development to production according to your requirements and feedback. Besides, as the largest induction lamp manufacturer base, Hongyuan LVD’s wholly owned subsidiary has the best guaranteed and most fast delivery system in the aspect of mass production with its most advanced technology and equipment in this industry. What is more, large-scale manufacturing has greatly reduced the products cost as well. Both the manufacturing costs and marketing price are transparent, and Hongyuan LVD will consult with you and set the price in local market together with you to create the largest profit for you. Our coo

Elina Li
 Elina Li