Mindful Social Justice : Staying connected amidst the overwhelm


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Join us for an intimate weekend of deepening in human connection and building resiliency together. With an emphasis on personal relationship, this weekend will give you an opportunity to explore how our thoughts about race and racism affect our individual selves and communities. Using small-group work and active listening exercises, as well as supportive yoga practices, participants will gain confidence embracing the unknown, unfamiliar, and difficult issues in our lives such as racism, systemic oppression, and what gets in the way of unlearning what's been handed down to us. These sessions Aim to:

Build relationships and closeness in community around important questions such as:
~What breaks your heart about our current world?
~What gets in the way of showing up for racial justice?
~What is difficult for you in looking at your own racism?
~Cultivate the wisdom in the room, and carry it into our communities.
~Shed a light on how people of color's stories have had to survive white supremacy culture to just simply "be".
~Utilize yoga as a centering tool.

Who is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in the intersection of yoga and social justice.NO PRIOR YOGA EXPERIENCE NEEDED. It is for folks who have little to no exposure to yoga and meditation, and also folks who are deep in connection to their yoga practice. Aaron and Jennie are committed to making all sessions accessible, trauma-informed, and effective for all levels of students.

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/666994-0?pid=5072

General Admission: USD 160.0

Category: Community | Religion and Spirituality | Meditation and Yoga

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