Palo Alto Networks: Executive Luncheon

Palo Alto Networks: Executive Luncheon



Conrad Hong Kong, Kennedy Room, 7/F

One Pacific Place, Queensway, 88, Admiralty, Hong Kong Mappa

Build a cyber-resilient organisation.
Cyber-resilient organisations are able to limit damage and recover quickly in the event of successful attacks, a key capability to successfully managing cyber risk.
Palo Alto Networks and Deloitte invite you to a luncheon for executives in the banking and finance industry where you will learn:
- The Cyber Resilience Assessment Framework (CRAF) and common challenges and solutions
- How to identify resilience requirements
- What kinds of rehearsal activities are most effective to prepare financial organisations to successfully carry on in the event of an incident
- The importance of building resilience into corporate cybersecurity programs
This session will give you the opportunity to learn from experts and peers in the banking and finance industry who have successfully built cyber-resilient organisations.
RSVP todayand protect your organisation for tomorrow and into the future.

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