Running in the mountains of Hong Kong.

Running in the mountains of Hong Kong.



Wan Chai Gap Park

Wan Chai Gap Park, Hong Kong Mappa

This week we run!

We will start at the park go up black links road then enter into running trails and head to Aberdeen reservoir and finally return back to wan chai gap park
Will need to carry at least half a litre of water and there are good photo spots on the course
There is no where to keep gear at the park so need to carry everything unless we have a non runner stay at the park
If it rains we will still run.
If anyone wants an extra challenge we will start running up the mountain at 4pm from outside the hopewell centre at wan chai. Meet outside the HSBC bank.

Ask us anything on whatsapp at +852 9061 9037

On Sunday July 23, 2017 at 4:20 pm (ends 6:00 pm)

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Early bird Free bootcamp pass: HKD 0.00
Bootcamp pass + fiitio POLO = Help local PT community: HKD 477.00

Venue: Wan Chai Gap Park, Wan Chai Gap Park, Hong Kong



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