Serendip Lifestyle Series Iii - “Handling stress anywhere”

Serendip Lifestyle Series Iii - “Handling stress anywhere”



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We are thrilled to offer ongoing learning classes on wellbeing topics. So many to choose from and so many great ideas ahead! This month it’s time for “Handling stress anywhere”, with our yoga teacher Emmanuelle and our therapist Laurence!

Join us on Saturday, 15th November for this new edition of our series. Probably you already realized that summer holidays are long gone, the cold is settling in, our bodies are getting stiffer and our minds are getting stressed – learn how to implement yoga techniques (poses, breathing exercises, etc) anywhere and easy lifestyle tips to face any situation with more confidence, relax your body, and feel less stressed and more peaceful at all times.

Mark the date for this special workshop where anyone is able to participate! You just will need to wear comfortable clothing. The registration is open for a fee of 35EUR pp if paid in advance and 40EUR pp when paid on site.

Register easily on this session on our website, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or at +32 2 503 55 04.

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