The future and what to do about it

The future and what to do about it



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Futurologist & leading thinker Mark Stevenson talks about the future, what's in store for us and how societies can adapt to the change ahead. And he entertains us with his down-to-earth optimism.

We are living in chronically uncertain times - it's as if literally anything could happen next. The present looks doomed and the future a dystopia. Mark Stevenson, however, is hopeful. Aware of our current challenges and dilemmas, he looks at the future with down-to-earth optimism. That’s because he spends his life with people who do things differently, who look at the status quo and then roll up their sleeves and change it. These innovators are putting brave and alternative futures on the table as we speak, here and now. They are reshaping education and healthcare, changing the way we produce our food and energy, and, in general, rebooting our system. Join our discussion and you’ll leave with the feeling that when it comes to the future there are many more options available than the leaders of any political party, corporation, lobby, religion, academic institution or media outlet would have you believe! As long as you are prepared to change your own attitude to innovation vs the status quo.

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Futurologist, author and entrepreneur Mark Stevenson is one of the world’s most respected thinkers on technology, innovation and societal trends. He helps organisations, companies, governments, and schools to see where the world is going and how to adapt. He offers much needed optimism to understand how we can contribute to a more sustainable, equal, humane, compassionate and just future.

We Do Things Differently: Outsiders rebooting our world (2017) • An Optimist’s Tour of the Future (2011)

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