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Abraham Cabrera
 Abraham Cabrera
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    Hello everyone , my name is Abraham and I would like to relocate to Taiwan , I know of absolutely no one, for this reason I am looking for a partner / a who has already ' an activity' commercial in Taiwan ...
    I currently live and work in Santo Domingo ( Dominican Republic ) by almost 6 years .. I am a member of a Hotel - residencial with restaurant and owner of several apartments and house that I intend to commute in a total or partial acqiusto for a home and / or activity ' commercial or enter into society ' with only serious and willing ...
    I capital property but not a lot of money liquids, in fact they are waiting to sell some apartment .. www.caribbeanisla.com el Mirador de Cabrera Hotel Residencial- 1 and big house with a garden in the capital (Santo Domingo)
    activities ' I'm interested in are: Hotel, Restaurant, Food , Personal Security, Local Farm ... ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AS A MANAGER OR MAN OF CONFIDENCE .

  •  Abraham Cabrera

    Sono Italiano, vivo a Santo Domingo (Repubblica Dominicana) e vorrei trasferirmi a Taiwan!!