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Aiwei Lin
 Aiwei Lin
Su di me:
Greetings, My name is Lin Ai Wei, and I live in Guangdong, Zhuhai city. I teach philosophy, culture, Taiji Quan, Yong (Wing) Chun and Qigong. I lived in China for several years, yet recently moved to Zhuhai, and am hoping to connect with those interested in studying about Buddhism, Daoism and Confucian cultivation and lifestyle; basically anyone interested in learning more about Chinese Culture. On my spare time I teach martial arts in my home.
Vive in:
Guangdong (China)
English, Chinese
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Guangdong, Zhejiang


Sito Internet:
Coffee, tea and conversation, Cooking, Gardening, Music, Politics, Religion/Spiritual, Volunteer/Community Activities, Martial Arts
Musica preferita:
Traditional Chinese Music and Various China-Pop
Cose che mi piacciono:
Tea, Music and good conversation
Cose che non mi piacciono:
Not really hating, but prefer to not entertain in my life: hatred, discrimination, greed, anger and ignorance.
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