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 Eva Fan
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Hi,everyone!I am Eva from China.I am working in Sinda Technology Co.,LTD. We are manufacturer of GSM alarm systems .If anyone is interested in these products,please contact with me .OEM is welcomed. GSM alarms are for your home security.If you want to know more about these and build a smart home,feel free to contact me . My msn is sinda.alarm@hotmail.com/eva_fanqing@hotamil.com.Skype:sinda.alarm/eva_fanqing.
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Guangdong (China)
English, Chinese
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Brazil, China, Spain, United States, Brasilia, Guangdong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Mumbai, Kolkata


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Animals/Pets, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor life, Computers/Internet, Movies/Videos, Travel/Sightseeing, Biking, Dancing, Swimming, Skating, I am a lively and cheerful person ,I love to know nice people from different culture.
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light music
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Forrest Gump,gone with the wind
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nice things
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scary things,cheating
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Shenzhen Sinda Technology Co.,LTD.
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Oversea Sales Representitive
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Security @protection
Export Business Rep
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English teacher
0086-135 9021 2940
F5,Building11,Tongfuyu Industrial Park ,Xili Town ,Nanshan District


  • Eva Fan
     Eva Fan

    Dear all,
    Thank you for reading this message .
    I am wrting this to tell you that I am now in Sinda Technology Co.,LTD.
    I am working as Oversea Sales Representitive here.
    I am still in the field of security@protection.
    Our products are mainly GSM alarm systems including house alarm,car alrm ,power alarm ,industrial alarm and other accessories like PIR,siren ,smoke detectors and so on .
    If any of you are importing such products from CHina ,would you please let me know ?We may cooperate .
    We are one of the top ten manufacturers in China,and we have more than 6 years experience in this field .
    We alwayd give our clients best quality and service .
    Our products enjoy high reputation among our clients.
    PATROL HAWK is our regitered brand .
    For more information ,you may take a qucik view by visiting this website :
    If you find anything you are interested ,remember to tell me .
    I love you all .

  • Eva Fan
     Eva Fan

    Yesterday I had an interview,and I passed.
    So i got a new job.
    I am now a little nervous.
    It's a new start ,everything is from zero .
    Many unknown things are waiting for me.
    Much pressure...
    I am sure I will do good.
    Come on !

  • Indra Mart.
     Indra Mart.

    Hi Eva, how are you doing? I hope your bussiness move fastly and big successfulls are in your hands. Best wishes, regards.

  • Eva Fan
     Eva Fan

    The 41th Wold Expo has started in Shanghai on May1st,it will end on October31st, it will last for 184 days altogether.
    If you have never been to China.You should take a chance to visit it .You will get much surprise.
    Welcome to World Expo,Welcome to China!