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     Maryam Igram

    My name is Maryam. I coach students to become great listeners and communicators, while developing their self-confidence. This gives the student the ability to speak, understand and be understood.

    Students learn English with positive reinforcement and constructive feedback. They also receive course material and notes from their lessons.

    During their lessons, students are assisted with their projects in English The projects may include email writing , developing business plans, brainstorming, putting together presentations, blog writing, or any other kind of project development.

    Language Coaching is different than language teaching. With language coaching the course is structured around the individual goals and needs of the student. Students learn through a conversational style that is both inspiring and motivating.

    Private Online English Coaching Sessions

    Program of 1h: $55
    Program of 20h: $1050
    Program of 40h: $ 2000
    Program of 60h: $2900

    Looking forward to speaking with you and helping you grow!