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Sandy Torres
 Sandy Torres
Su di me:
Looking for friends and work in Como, Milan and Lugano- I work in the media arts, music videos, artist management, music and cultural journalist, sales, marketing and public relations-looking to network and work with other people who are in the music, art, and fashion industries-I also paint and draw and am working on illustrating a children's poetry and story book in America. I have a music and a fashion blog and I moderate a website, three music Myspaces a Reverb Nation and four Facebook public figures and music fan pages as well as my personal pages-you can network with me also on Plaxo and LinkedIn, and see my CV and recommendations!
Vive in:
Florida (United States)
English, Italian, Spanish, Serbian
Amici, Contatti di lavoro
Italy, Romania, Switzerland, United States


Sito Internet:
literature, science, astronomy, history, cinema, concerts, travel and good friends
Musica preferita:
alternative, electronic, techno, ambient, rock, classical, world
Film preferiti:
Action, comedy, horror, martial arts, bio pics, foreign, historic, biographies
Libri preferiti:
classics, self help, modern literature, languages, victorian, poetry, history
Cose che mi piacciono:
going to concerts, having walks, joining friends for dinner or coffee, exploring new cities and culture, and meeting new people-I love meeting good people that are honest and genuine
Cose che non mi piacciono:
ego, pretense, competition, false people, bad attitudes, negative people, gossip
Stato civile:


Migraine Mgt. and El Cuervo Films
Sito Internet:
Blog della Società:
Artist manager, music video producer, writer
Settore lavorativo:
Entertainment and fashion and art
artist manager, U.S. video producer and marketing director
Carriera precedente:
In sales and real estate or luxury timeshare sales, also in fashion and production art-I am a published music and cultural arts journalist since 1988-I have written nationally all over the U.S.