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    Good day to all, i want to know if i have a rights to contact my father EDGARDO ESER GARCIA who lives in Viale, Federico Caprilli Milano Italy more than 15 yrs. my last communication to my father was about 3 years ago. he stop supporting me on my college that's why i was force to stop in my college study. I'm his daughter EUNICE JOY DELOS SANTOS GARCIA who lives here in Marelo Gapan City Nueva Ecija Philippines. May i know if i have a rights and authority to force ask support from my father. My mother and my father was separate when i was young, he separate with my mother when he was in Italy without no reason. now both of them live with their new life. my concern is how can i force my father to support me on my study? because every time i email my father on his e'mail add and face book account but he's not responding, instead of communicating to me, he erase my name on his account and he blocked me. A few months ago my father visited here in the Philippines when i go to their house he did not wanted to see me, instead their family said he's not here in the Philippines although many of my relatives and neighbors see my father. Can i still ask support for my father Legaly by law? Because i want to finish my college studies. thank you so much and i hope you can answer all my question about children's right council.

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