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My name is Ana and I'm from Portugal.
I'm in Erasmus Program for LUMSA in Rome.
I've never been in Italy, so I'm looking for accomodation in residences or cheap appartments, and of course, friens.
I love to meet new people.

Regards, Ana


  • Boby Chuks

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    Please I need a living apartment. Could you help me.

  • Nicola Brune

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    Wanted in Rome and of course live in Rome are also good websites for flats etc.

    In Italy you pay less if you do a flat share (i.e. sleeping in the same room as two or three others) but I couldn't be bothered and got my own room.

    The only problem with that is the price - 400 - 500 euros still goodluck.

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    Hi Silvia,

    i heard rome is a beautiful place, can u tell me some special events over their.


  • Silvia Calabrese

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    hi ana,
    for finding a flat try:
    what you can also do is: rent a room in a hostel and do some search while you are actually there. might be easier to find something and good as you can have a look at it before signing anything.
    don't worry about making friends for now. this will happen automatically when you there. just make sure to not only stick with other erasmus students. maybe you can join some kind of club to get contact with locals?
    enjoy italy