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Web Search Analyst --- Japan (Japanese)

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Job type:Part-timeSalary:
JPY 1,100 / Hour
Currency converter Industry:Information Technology

Job Title: Web Search Analyst

Job Type : Work from Home, Independent Contractor, Part time, Temporary

General Job Description:

A Web Search Analyst will navigate a variety of features within a search engine and will be responsible for updating and validating the information for the search engine. The web search analyst will be given a set of tasks to complete; these tasks are all centered on improving the overall performance of the search engine.

Required Skills:
• An ideal candidate is someone living in Japan and has a varied knowledge of the Japanese market, this is to include; restaurants,popular tourist attractions, postal codes and cities.
• Must be fluent in Japanese and English -both written and verbal
• Must have previous experience of using search engines (personal use or in a workplace)
• Must be computer literate and be confident working independently
• Must have a broad variety of knowledge in relation to the Japan market (eg. restaurants, popular tourist attractions, postal codes and cities)
•Must have good analytical skills
• Must have good time management skills

Technology Requirements:
• Must have a personal PC or laptop that runs Windows Vista or Windows 7 (please note: netbook devices, Windows XP and Apple OS, including Apple OS running on virtual environments, are NOT compatible with project).
• Minimum screen resolution of 1280 X 768 with a desired resolution of 1280 X 1024.
• A high-speed Internet connection (preferably unlimited usage; if limited, download cap must not be less than 30 GB per month).

Additional Information:

Working Hours: The targeted hours required to work is 80/100 per calendar month ( 20-25 hours per Week [Monday to Friday] )

Open Positions : 35

Contact: Send CV/Resumes to[at]zen3[dot]com