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Friends for practicing english

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Hi friends,
I'm a chilean girl. I'm 32 years old. I'd like to find friends for practicing english. I took the Cambridge English Exam (KET) last week.
English is very difficult to me so, I need more practice.
If you want to help me, send me a message.
See you soon!

  • Jonamae Tomias의 프로프필로 이동

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    Hello my name jonalyn librea from Toledo city Cebu I'm 43 year old.who is interested to learn in English I will teach you please contact me my Skype jonalyn.librea

  • mariano gandola의 프로프필로 이동

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    Hi everyone!

    I am a member of a webpage where people can exchange languages for free or as teachers, I leave you the link si you can explore the page and join us!

    to become a member is free!

  • ripo nast의 프로프필로 이동

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    I am also looking for Friends who can practices with me the English language. Hope to see you on skype. My skype: ripon_bd_

    See you!!

  • nhi nguyen의 프로프필로 이동

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    hi María, My name Nhi Nguyen, I am a vietnamese. I like to talk with other people in english. What do you think about my suggestion?. My skype is tannhi.nguyen

  • Lady Mermelada

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    Hi Brian,
    Thanks to you for your message, I think you have many interesting things to tell.
    See you!

  • brian greyson

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    my name is brian from namibia africa i real looking for female friend all over the world you are welcome all
    my email is [...]

  • Lady Mermelada

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    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your welcome, It's my first time here and I'm discovering this interesting website.
    Certainly, I'm chilean, 32 years old, I live in Arica, north of Chile. I'm a Radiologic Technologist (I make radiographies) and I'm learning english because I think It'ill be important to my future.
    Now, I'm not working but I'm looking for a job in my homeland (Arica).
    Last week I finished the English Academy at University and I took the Cambridge English Exam (KET Elementary) ... It was very very difficult :/ but I hope to pass!
    My skype is: Ladychilean
    I hope to hear from you.


  • Alexander Mey

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    hello Maria,
    first at all, welcome to "justlanded". I´m Alex live and work in the capital city of Germany (Berlin) and enjoy to find internation contacts. I would like to teach and lern englisch with and from you. Tell me more about the 32 years old chilean girl. See You


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