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Meeting up!

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Hey guys!
It's been 3 months since I arrived here and I haven't met much people since then.
I'm an au pair living in Overijse for 6 months or a year.. I haven't decided it yet. I'm here to learn French and to travel around Europe.

Anyway.. I'm willing to meet people to go out, have lunch, a coffee or something.. just to chill out and have something to do on my free time, u know?

if someone is interested in doing something, let me know!

  • Decio Denis Bernardo

    게시한 사람  속 브뤼셀 공개토론 

    Why don't you try a dance class? we are a nice group and it could be a nice way to meet new people.

    If you're interested just let me know :-)

  • Josh N

    게시한 사람  속 브뤼셀 공개토론 

    Hey Carla,

    did you meet any cool people using this forum?

    I'm German (24) and about to move to Brussels next week in order to work for the European Parliament. And actually I hardly know anyone in Brussels. Hence I'm keen to meet new people


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