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English teacher material from two teachers working in China

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Hey guys,

I'm an English teacher in China and me and my partner provide high quality teaching material free to download from our website. Save yourself a lot of class preparation time and take a look at our site.

I'd love to hear some feedback if you give the stuff a go.

  • Chaoqun Wang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Thanks for sharing! Currently, Chinese parents are paying more and more attention to education, and the demand for foreign teachers is increasing.
    Therefore, teaching English in China is a good choice.

  • Angel S

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Thank you for sharing, consider teaching English in China is worthy cause nowthe demand for foreign teacher is large and it is usually well paid, the salary usually high, not to mention the delicious food and beautiful scenes and a convenient living style.

  • Ariana Jiang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Thanks for your sharing! The educational markert in China is booming currently. Teaching at some international schools is a good option for English native speakers like you !

  • Tina Wang의 프로프필로 이동

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Hello Owain, thanks for sharing your high-quality teaching material and it is indeed a useful website! If you encounter some problems when teaching in China, please feel free to visit my profile and hope the information could help you!

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