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How To Best Adjust As An Expatriate

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I’m Leonardo, a student from Bocconi University in Milan and I really need you for my final thesis!
By filling out this survey you’ll help me in order to study the determinants of expatriate adjustment.
I want to thank you in advance because your contribution is really valuable to me.
(I would be happy if you could send this survey to other expats you know as well)

The survey is available at this link:

  • Ariana Jiang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    No matter which country you visit, cultural differences are inevitable. Therefore, for foreigners who come to China, the first thing is to try hard to integrate and accept cultural differences with an open mind. I think teaching in China is a good first job for foreigners. With the English environment in international schools, foreign teachers can gradually integrate into Chinese society without rushing to learn Chinese.

  • Chaoqun Wang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Firstly, learning Chinese is important, which can bring more convenience to daily life. For example, it is a bit more convenient to be able to speak Chinese when you go shopping with your family and eat out.
    Secondly, it is also important to adapt to Chinese eating habits. Although the diets in the United States and China are very different, there are many delicious foods in China.
    Finally, try to accept the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures. In China, there is a sense of distance between people.

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