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I am Looking for Funding Compnies,Investors,companies

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Enos professional career spans 12 years , with experience in marketing, business introduction and representation in the engineering & construction industry covering the Zimbabwe and Southern Africa region. He is well versed in business negotiation, marketing and networking. Enos holds qualifications in London City And Guilds Microcomputers Technology, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills and Pastoral studies and speaks fluent english, and resides in Zimbabwe and . Leveraging on an existing customers base and with strong relationships in the area of Business Networking, will allow a strong contribution to your Business Organization supply ability in Zimbabwe and nearby countries . I am interested to work with Investors , Commodity Companies , Manufacturing Companies (mining,energy )

  • Ariana Jiang

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    Hello, after reading your description, I think you can find a good job in the business field. You can go to LinkedIn and other apps to submit your resume to have a try. In China, there are some recruitment apps where you can find more jobs from foreign companies and financial companies. I think your target country should also have this kind of more targeted apps. You can look for opportunities there.

  • Chaoqun Wang

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    I suggest that you can teach in China. Are you a native English speaker? If you are, I probably recommend you that be an English teacher in China. If you are not, I think you can teach other subjects what you are good at like your Mother tongue in China, and the salary of a teacher in China is relatively high, around ¥19,318 - ¥28,171 per month in Tier1 city.

  • Enos Denhere의 프로프필로 이동

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    Thank you very for your reply. Kindly assist me to secure a job to teach English in China . You can view my profile Email [...]

  • Xinyue Wang

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    Dear Enos:
    I think it is a good idea to consider teaching English in China.
    Also economy is booming in nowadays world,investing is still risky and it is hard to discover a flat investing. you mentioned that you grasp the skills of speaking fluent English and knowledge in the area of business. teaching in china in the area of international business is a good choice since the developing economy in China leads the request of foreign English teacher and enthusiasm of touching business area.
    The request of teaching in china is getting a working visa [z visa]\ the followings are the basic requirements :
    Bachelor's degree or above in related subjects. (Degree needs to be authenticated by PRC Embassy).
    Two years’ related working experience.
    Age under 60.
    Non-criminal record.
    you could consider this suggestion and make a final decision.

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