• Xinyue Wang

    Suggestion of teaching English in china for Enos

    게시한 사람  Xinyue Wang 속 중국 공개토론 

    Dear Enos:
    I think it is a good idea to consider teaching English in China.
    Also economy is booming in nowadays world,investing is still risky and it is hard to discover a flat investing. you mentioned that you grasp the skills of speaking fluent English and knowledge in the area of business. teaching in china in the area of international business is a good choice since the developing economy in China leads the request of foreign English teacher and enthusiasm of touching business area.
    The request of teaching in china is getting a working visa [z visa]\ the followings are the basic requirements :
    Bachelor's degree or above in related subjects. (Degree needs to be authenticated by PRC Embassy).
    Two years’ related working experience.
    Age under 60.
    Non-criminal record.
    you could consider this suggestion and make a final decision.

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