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I need advice from lovely Chinese people

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Here is Egyptian American spoke English & Chinese and was living in Beijing and Guangzhou and zhuhai was doing trading for translation to US and arab customers and find factories to them and load containers and in same time I was working tour leader and tour operator in china and Egypt
I'm now in Egypt and planing to back again to china to live and work there I love this country so much and Chinese people really I have no friends there now and I'm looking to find job according to my skills for trading and tourism field
I spoke 3 languages Arabic and English and Chinese
I can work in trading company or travel agency or hotels
I was working in Disney land in US And tour leader in Egyptian travel agency and in china in Beijing free journey travel and I was doing trading for customers by my self not by office
But now I need to work with some one in china because I have no one in china now
Honestly all what i said its true and I wish advice from my third hometown people as I consider it (( china ))
Here is my e mail and phone number

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  • Angel S

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    Thank you for sharing, consider teaching English in China is worthy cause nowadays the demand for foreign teacher is large and it is usually well paid, not to mention the delicious food and beautiful scenes and a convenient living style.

  • Tina Wang의 프로프필로 이동

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    Hello! I think you could consider finding teaching jobs in China and teaching English is a good option for you because, among all the subjects, English seems to be a dominant one in the Chinese teaching market. There are some general requirements if you intend to teach English in China:
    1. Younger than 60 years old
    2. Having obtained a Bachelor degree or higher
    3. At least two-year experience in teaching
    4. No criminal record
    5. Having passed the necessary medical check
    6. All the application materials should be approved by your local P.R.C. embassy.
    7. If applying for language teaching positions, the candidates should come from native-speaking countries.
    Hope you will find suitable jobs in China!

  • Ariana Jiang

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    Hello!According to your resume, I think it is very good to teach in an international school or teach a small language course in a foreign language university. The choice of your first job after returning home is very important. Working in an international school can help you meet people with similar cultural backgrounds, so that you can better integrate. Of course, after getting familiar with it, I think it is also good for you to work in a foreign company in China.

  • Chaoqun Wang

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    The number of international schools in China is the largest in the world, and it provides plenty of job opportunities to foreigners to teach English in China.
    Therefore, teaching English in China may be a good choice for you

  • peter li의 프로프필로 이동

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    In China, there are about 200 million students of all ages, and the demand for competent teacher is increasing moderately in the following decades, so that many people who can teach English well tend to get more opportunities in china.

  • Xinyue Wang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    what about you now?
    I think you have multiple skills and must could participate in lots of works for various domains,but I still want to recommend you the job of teaching English in china, since you grasp three kinds of languages, so you can communicate with local people more easily.
    besides, teaching in China is wonderful from many aspects, as for individual life, you could find your own value in teaching. in other aspects, the booming economy in china makes it probable to gain high salaries, besides, the International experience and global experience are all cherish.
    you can find more information about teaching in china from my own profile.

  • Kathrina Masiglat

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Hi Andro! Wanna learn how to speak English fluently? Sound more like native English speaker? is offering online English tutorial services, where you will learn the best way possible. They cater different nationalities of different levels at a very low price. Check it out.

  • Sarah D

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Hey Andro, did you have any luck finding a position in China?

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