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Hi. My name is Claudia and I'm an English teacher. I'm looking for students, anyone, who would like to learn English on line. I'm available to teach English through Skype or Weechat.
If you would like to learn English, please contact me:
Weechat: claudiaweewee

It will be a pleasure to teach you English.

I'll look forward to hear from anyone.

  • Tina Wang의 프로프필로 이동

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Hi, Claudia! I think it is a good opportunity for you to teach English online in China. Online teaching has been a new trend and many English teachers in China have begun to blend online teaching and offsite teaching together, which shows great efficiency in English teaching.

  • Angel S

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    If you are a native English speaker, teaching in China might be a great choice because of its delicious food, various beautiful scenes, currently the demand for foreign teacher is huge and it is usually well paid since there are now increasing number of International schools emerging in China both online and offline.

  • Ariana Jiang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Hello, Claudia, I am a foreign teacher recruitment assistant. I think it is a good choice to apply for the position of online teacher in China in the current environment. You have relevant teaching experience and interest, so you can choose to apply for some English teaching institutions in China; you can also teach public welfare on Chinese social media to attract fans, and then set up online English teaching classes by yourself.

  • Chaoqun Wang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    Hello Claudia,
    I think you can find a job from the professional websites which specially provide teaching work to foreigners or you can exchange information about the job offers with other foreigners in some forums like Quora, Reddit and English club.

  • Xinyue Wang

    게시한 사람  속 중국 공개토론 

    hey, Alves
    I think it is a good and promising job of teaching English in China. The booming economy in China drives the increase of request of foreign English teachers. you could find a matching teaching jobs through some intermediate agents such TopTutorjob . agency will help you find a suitable working position and also support the online teaching,
    besides, if you want to teach English in china, you need to get a working visa
    the following requirements are basic condition for applying a working visa( Z visa):
    - Bachelor's degree or above in related subjects. (Degree needs to be authenticated by PRC Embassy).
    - Two years’ related working experience.
    - Age under 60.
    - Non-criminal record.
    nice to meet you in China

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