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How to say "mosquito" in Chinese - 蚊子 "wen zi"

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Summer is comming!

I love summer cause we can swim,play water,wear beautifl dress....

But summer also have mosquitoes---One of the most hated animals in the world(for me).

Do you know how to say "mosquito" in Chinese?
蚊子 wénzi mosquito ( noun )
The zi in wénzi can be dropped to just have wén but wénzi is more often used in Mandarin.
In Cantonese we have that 蚊子 is man1 zi2 and the zi2 is usually dropped.

Only female mosquitoes bite humans.
zhǐyǒu mǔ wénzi yǎo rénlèi.

With the hot weather we find we again have to live with pesky mosquitoes. Therefore is seems appropriate that we should be able to say the word mosquito in Chinese.

Blood-sucking female mosquito bites can transmit many serious diseases, including malaria and encephalitis.
Xīxuè cí wén de dīngyǎo kěyǐ chuánbò xǔduō yánzhòng de jíbìng, bāokuò nüèjí hé nǎo yán.

Here 雌蚊 ( cí wén ) "female mosquito" could have been expanded to 雌性蚊子 ( cíxìng wénzi ).

We also have the associated word 蚊帐 Wénzhàng Mosquito net
and the other associated word 避蚊剂 Bì wén jì Mosquito repellent

In summer,Chinese people like to buy "insect repellent"(Hua1 lu4 shui3花露水)to reple mosquitos.

花露水,Literally, it means flower dew.Very beautiful name,right?
I attached a picture of 花露水,you can have a look.And in past,花露水 is also a kind of perfume.

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