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Irish girl moving to Bordeaux

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Hello I'm 26 and a primary school teacher from Ireland. I'm moving to Bordeaux in April and going to look for work. Would love to get to know some other english speaking people in the Bordeaux area if anyone could help. I do speak french as well.

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    Hello, My name is louis, I studied English at university and I was an English teacher for three years. I created a free English group in Bordeaux. I some some English speaking people. Pklease get in touch with me. best wishes.louis

  • Pablo Márquez

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    Hello Fiona, I speak a little bit of English. I moved to Bordeaux on December 2008, I've been living here for about 1.4 years. This is a wonderful city, I love it.

    I went to Dublin last year when I was on holidays, I really liked Dublin. It would be great to connect with you, I like to speak in English.

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