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Language school recommendation in Berlin?

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Hey everyone!
I'm new in Berlin, and trying to find a decent language school to try to pick up some German. Any recommendations? There's such a huge choice, just wondering if anyone can set me in the right direction. I'm in my mid-20s, so looking for maybe something cool, with people in my age group. Thanks!

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    I tried a couple of schools actually, like the volkshochschule, which, while the cheapest option, didn't work out for me cause I think it's totally hit and miss with the teachers. And then even though it was "cheap" I like wasted all of my money cause I didn't go to class! :P But I took some classes at speakeasy sprachzeug too and my teachers there were really great, found it helped motivate me to go to class, lol. And the school itself is overall just pretty nice in general, I'd recommend it :) (It's their site if you wanna check them out btw )

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