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Have house in Abruzz

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I have a house near Teramo in Abruzzo. Abruzzo has good prices and worderful people. Am willing to provide information to anyone who has an interest in visiting this area and would like more information.

I also built a website for my town:

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    hello stefano
    when i read your profile i thought i have heard your name from someone on Abruzzolutely forum, is it right that you have houses to rent . me and my husband are looking for a house maybe for a long stay as we are planing to live and work in abruzzo.

    best regards marina davies

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    Hi Stefano, we are moving to the Abruzzo region in September and I wondered if you knew of any english speaking doctors in the area?, We are so excited to be moving to Italy, but I have this concern as I am on tablets for hypertention and worry that I wont be understood by a non english speaking professional, as I need this medication on a regular monthly prescription. Any help you can give would be very much appreciated...regards...christine

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