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Dave - Organizing events for English speaker's to get together?

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Hello, I am working at an International school in Turin(visit for jobs). It's great and have lot's of new friends, but I am looking to hopefully open a business here and am looking for business opportunities. I have owned gadget shops in the past and have excellent, management and sales skills. I am looking to earn more money at the moment and am free to do any DIY jobs, build furniture or teach English.

Would you be interested in meeting lots of English and American people living here in Turin and going on days out together?
I am organizing events for English speaker's to get together around Turin at certain bars or wine tasting events to meet and chat? If interested please contact me via email [...]

  • ma hong

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    hi! Dave
    its nice to meet u here,i'm always interested in meeting english native speaker,and i live in turin as well,so that would be great to have a chance to hang out with you together,and i'd like to make new friends:)
    i didn't see your email address above,could you send me the details when the new events come up!my email: [...]

  • Rebecca Mancini의 프로프필로 이동

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    Hi Dave,

    How's Torino treating you? Have you been able to set up any "English" events?


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