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MYSTERY SHOPPER - Who has already been a Mystery Shopper??

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Hallo to everyone,

Has anyone had an experience as mystery shopper?

I just need some more information about it because is the first time for me in Norway. I am searching something in the area of Oslo or Sandvika...

Can you suggest me some societies that offer this kind of "job"?

Thank you for your help! =)

Have a nice day!

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  • Now Guide

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    Please visit
    to get the information on how you get a job in Norway.

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    I am working for Mystery Shopping company in Netherlands. We have few projects going on in Norway, like car dealers visits and hair salon visits. If you are interested, you can register to ou website

    Kind regards,

  • Christos Ioannidis

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    Hello, I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am a mystery shopper since March 2011, and I have evaluated many times shops and services like Marks And Spencer, Shell Gas Stations, Mac Donalds, various banks and car dealers.

    I can propose two sites, which are very professional and 100% reliable, with payment on time.

    The first one is Helion Research, you can follow the below link to be referred by me.

    The second one is GapBuster,

    Both of the above require that you send them a copy of your ID, and details of your bank account.

    Also, since last November I am a member of and , but there are not any available shops in Greece. Maybe there are in Norway.

    Good luck !

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