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Looking for Thai business partner to open inbound tour company

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My name is Nam Nguyen, i works in tourism company for 15 years. I own tour company in Hanoi Vietnam.
Now I'm looking for a Thai partner to create the tour company in Thailand. The person has good experience inbound tourism in Thailand and like this business opportunity. If you feel interesting. Please contact me

Partner experience request :
- Thai nationality.
- Work in inbound tour company as sales or operation
- Good experience in organizing the tour for western tourist
- Hard working, patient and smart.
- Good English speaking .
- Like to create a business.
- Smart and honest

What is the business ?
It's a tour company, organizing tour service for western tourist. They are individual tourist, small group.

What is Thai partner mission.

- Register together the business license.
- Own capital of 51%
- Manage the operation of the office in Bangkok
- Deal with local suppliers : hotels, restaurants, transfer company.

What is my mission
- Register together the business license.
- Own capital of 49%
- Find the clients ( in fact now i'm sending tourist to Thailand via local tour company their)
- In charge of all marketing compaign and deal with oversea partners

What is the prospect of business :

- Have client right after opening ( will be sent from my own company in Vietnam)
- There are a lots of partners who will send clients to Thailand if i have my own business here.
- Don't need much more capital.
- Very good development ahead.

What capital I need to invest into this project?
- Maximum around 200.000 bath each ( only 2 persons shares this project).

Looking forward to hearing from all of you
Nam Nguyen

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