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Treatment of deforming arthrosis

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Surgical methods in the treatment of deforming arthrosis
Under the load of the body and as a result of cartilage abrasion, the bones may begin to move, causing severe pain. In order for the pathology of deforming arthrosis to leave the body forever, it is enough to place the bones and joints back to the correct position. How to do it?

At Ladisten Clinic, it is possible to successfully restore the natural anatomical line “femoral head – center of the knee joint – center of the ankle joint”. Even at the last stages of arthrosis, when it is difficult for the patient to walk, such treatment manipulations can be performed.

How the operation is carried out

The surgical operation takes 30-40 minutes, depending on the complexity. Two holes are made in the leg (we are talking about gonarthrosis) and the bone is dissected in a certain place. Now it can be aligned to grow properly. In the future, new cartilage tissue will form in this place. Now the bone needs to be fixed. This is done using the Veklich device. It is a new technology that is used only at Ladisten. Unlike the standard device, the construction designed by Dr. Veklich weighs less, it can be worn more conveniently and doesn’t include unnecessary dangerous spokes. The Ilizarov device itself has long established itself in the treatment of gonarthrosis as an effective means of therapy.

Rehabilitation and final treatment results

Rehabilitation. Immediately after surgery, it is possible for the patient to return to normal state step by step. The pain is felt in the first days. This is the natural period of tissue healing. If needed, painkillers can be used. After 2-3 days, the patient gets up with help of supportive devices, and later he or she starts walking independently, but with the device on the leg. After 2-3 months, the device is removed. After such treatment, it can be considered that deforming arthrosis is a deformity that is defeated. As a result of surgery performed using this method, a lasting effect occurs: the pain in the joint goes away and new cartilage tissue that is 100% biocompatible with the patient is formed.
There is no need to worry that it won’t hold. Also, there are practically no scars left because the operation is minimally invasive. The technology of treatment developed by Veklich V.V. has already helped 6,000 patients from 36 countries.

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