Baby Boy: Paintings by Malik Greene


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Stormwater Studios

413 Pendleton Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201, United States Map

Columbia, Sc - July 9th-18th // "Baby Boy: A Personal Narrative by Malik Greene" will
be at Stormwater Studios, 413 Pendleton St.
Opening Reception: July 9th 5 - 8 Pm

Inspired by everything that he has called his own throughout his journey,
searching through the epic of his life to find his true calling, the prodigal son has returned home. "Baby Boy" is a culmination of my work dating back to March 2020. The figures and themes I present in this work are a direct reflection of me, my surroundings and how I imagine the world around me. This project came about at the opening phases of the pandemic, though not directly correlated, during this time I was given the opportunity to go on a tour of self-exploration, becoming familiar with myself and the focal pieces that have ultimately helped mold me into the man I am today. As an artist, I have discovered that some may only see a slither of me as a person, never the true inspirations nor the factors that have led me to my destination. In my eyes, the "home" serves as a place of comfort and the pieces that I have created convey me, my motivations, my high's, low's and everything in between that has ultimately brought me from boy to a man.


Artist / Speaker: Malik Greene

Category: Arts | Visual Arts | Galleries / Art

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