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This is not your typical Karaoke night or your typical comedy night. This is a night where it is fun to watch people do karaoke and even funnier to watch karaoke performers get roasted by real comedians.

SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: Those who suffer from lack of sense of humor and hyper sensitivity should not do karaoke. Those with lack of sense of humor and hypersensitivity run the risk of having their feelings hurt. For those with a healthy sense of humor are vulnerable to the experiencing intense laughter.

In addition, we will be giving prizes.

Winner of karaoke will receive the William Hung Award. Winners will be selected based on crowd response.

Will give a prize to comedian with best jokes and roast which will be selected based on crowd response.

The comedian with worst crowd response will receive The Michael Richards Award. Michael Richard’s is the guy who played Kramer from Seinfeld.

Comics include:

Dr. Paul Rock, N.D.

Paul Rock is a comic and also an N.D. (Not a Doctor). When on stage he uses his time to provide his audience medical information questioning vaccine efficacy by sharing info from a medical website for conservatives, Facebook, that is peer reviewed through millions of Facebook users.

Elizabeth Hickey

Elizabeth Hickey is a comedian and one of the meanest people you'll ever meet. She almost fits back into her pre-Quarantine wardrobe. Jealous? You should be.

Sarah Suzuki-Harvard

Sarah is an NYC based stand-up comedian of Moroccan and Japanese descent. She has previously worked as a journalist and a comedic writer for the non-profit, Comic Relief.

Price: Free

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Comedy

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