Gobbling Up Great Wine - Picking a Killer Bottle (or Two) for Your Thanksgiving Table [Nov 20]


Commonwealth Wine School

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Ahhh, Thanksgiving! That day when we enjoy some of our favorite foods of the whole year - tables piled high with roasted birds, mashed potatoes of all kinds, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and who can forget the desserts? It really is a feast worth looking forward to.

For some Thanksgiving can be a bit stressful when it comes to which wines to serve or, even worse, bring to a celebration as a guest. So many questions. Does red wine go with turkey? Can you drink white wine with your meal? What about a bottle of bubbles? Everyone loves bubbles - can that be served? Choosing the right wines can seem like a bit of a minefield.

Not to worry - we're here to help! Spend an evening enjoying wines that are perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Join wine educator (and turkey lover) Adam Centamore for an exploration of different styles and grapes that are practically begging for your holiday meal. You'll try a selection of white, red, sparkling, and even rose wines that are built for all the foods we love this time of year. You'll learn why they work, and how to serve them to make your pairings this Thanksgiving some of the best ever. Small seasonally-themed nibbles will be suggested to illustrate pairing ideas and keep the smiles coming.

This year, sit back and don't sweat the wine stuff. We've got you covered for killer wines for your Thanksgiving table!

This class will be held Online through Zoom. Tasting Kits are available for pick up at our school if you select the Online with Tasting Kit registration option. For those who wish to purchase their own wines, lists will be provided ahead of time so that you may taste along at home.

$49 Online / $85 Online with Tasting Kit

Location: Commonwealth Wine School
Instructor: Adam Centamore

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/699969-0?pid=5072

Registration: USD 85.0

Category: Food / Drink | Wine

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