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Are you missing human contact?
We need community.

Our community is full of fun, mindful people around the world who value connection and intimacy. We all want to be more present in their lives and present in our relationships.

While we can't physically get close, this is as close as it gets to feeling a sense of community!

What we'll do?
It's up to you. Here's what's on the menu:

Guided Meditation
Somatic Exercises (connection games)
Share your quarantine experience, the ups and the downs
Create joy and celebrate what we're grateful for
You'll leave feeling:
Refreshed with vibrant connection
Having picked up a few new communication skills
More connnected to your self
A community full of new friends!
Intimacy creates connection. And connection brings calm.

*This is open to the public and is a PG-rated event. Zoom link will be provided.

What People Are Saying:
"I felt connected to wonderful people all over America. It gives hope, connection and joy!"

"The event provides a sense of human connection."

"At a time when physical connection is limited, it is nice to have the opportunity for energetic and spiritual connection -- and the reminder that we are one."

"I felt connected to others almost in the way that we might connect in person. Although there is no way to replace the sensation of another's touch, this felt as close as we might get given the current circumstances. I think this is a great way to get to know more people within the community, as I am new to Tantra Institute circle. Many thanks for facilitating."

"Exceptional online event spreading love, light and joy!"

Other Goodies:
Lauren will lead us in guided meditation--which she has been leading daily on FB. You can find them on the Tantra Institute Facebook Page.

Category: Sports / Leisure

Free Ticket: USD 10.00,
Staff: USD 0.00,
Suggested Donation: USD 15.00,
Any Amount: USD 0.00,
No Donation: USD 0.00

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