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Zara Sh
 Zara Sh
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To ILLUSION anticipate'm neither a nor ATTRACTION SENSATION rather connected with EMOTION ,and REFLECTION type after this ; IRRITATION of life on the way to GRAVITY , and INSPIRATION to keep out the related mysteries of existence to rediscover . Everything else so far as the magic time for Amendment allows . I really appreciate Merry Xmas to everyone .., wish all the best guys !
English, French
친구, 비즈니스 관계
United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom


관심 사항:
Animals/Pets, Cooking, Music, Shopping, Travel/Sightseeing, Tennis/Racquet Sports
좋아하는 음악:
Slow , R&B
좋아하는 영화:
Pretty women
좋아하는 책:
Book of life
좋아하는 것:
Raising car , Formula 1 , also I like nature
싫어하는 것:
Kills human , liars