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Learning Portuguese

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Hi, i'm new to the area of Ourique and was wondering if anyone knows where i could take Portuguese lessons. Also are there any expat social clubs i could join to make new freinds?

  • Kay Elizabeth

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    I don't know if you are still interested as it is now June...there are free portuguese lessons in Albufeira you have to go into the Camra and enquire there...they will take a contact number then phone when a course is due to can also get private lessons with the teacher I go to who is great she is called Isabel her number is 914662955 our class is quite small about 7 but we have fantastic fun...she starts beginners courses all the time and they are in the centre of Albufeira

  • Doties uz lietotāja Aimee Bryant profilu

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    Does anyone know of any of these in the Algarve? Albufeira area? Thanks.

  • Pamela Oddy

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    Some Colleges have Portuguese lessons free of charge for imigrants. I have attended a few lessons and the teachers are great.

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