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    that price is for a 2 bedroom and in a very central area. She is a student and is sharing. So She is only paying 300 a month. But as she warns she also has heat and other charges on top of that and they are for the whole building etc, you cannot control them yourself. 2 months ago the landlord gave them a monthly bill of 1000 euro and everyone in the building is complaining but has no choice but to pay.
    Germany is a great country but as you asked "I thought salaries in Germany were a lot higher than other EU countries!" Germany employment is higher than most countries in this current economic climate but I do not find the salaries higher. I actually find them lower than what I'm used to and even though I'm desperately trying to move to Germany the salaries are too low as I have commitments here I would still have to pay for also. Don't forget you will also have to get compulsory health insurance if you are working there. So this is another charge you will have to pay. You have no choice in this. Its the law. Others can probably give you better advice.

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