Book reading & signing event: "Big Heart Ventures: Purpose-driven Entrepren


Vorhoelzer Forum der Fakultät für Architektur, TU München

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Book reading & signing event
"Big Heart Ventures: Purpose-driven Entrepreneurship for the Next Age of Technology"
by Tina Ruseva

​TUM alumna, serial entrepreneur & technology entrepreneurship evangelist, Dr. Tina Ruseva, invites you to an open discussion about purpose. What is purpose? And what is the purpose of a start-up? Especially in an age of exponential efficiency.

Join the Women of TUM for an inspiring talk, an intimate book reading, and a real conversation about the future of entrepreneurship.

19:00 Interactive book reading by book author Tina Ruseva
20:00 Open discussion 
20:30 Book signing & networking

What is this event about?
Technology entrepreneurship has become the most powerful tool for change today. Software, cloud technology, and Artificial Intelligence have set up the stage for an unprecedented change of how we live, how we work, who we are. Rising technology efficiency has released founders worldwide from the mundane aspects of starting and running a business. In an age where efficiency is a given, is time to shift focus from doing the things right to doing the right things.
About the author
Tina Ruseva is a software entrepreneur who has been driving the development of the German start-up ecosystem for a decade now. In the past years since she founded her first company GymZap in Munich, she has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on building and growing their companies.
In her book Big Heart Ventures Tina Ruseva sets out to inspire emerging entrepreneurs to bind their start-ups to a mission and start to build on purpose - deliberately striving to use technology to create a better world for all of us.
More information about the book:

On Tuesday July 2, 2019 at 7:00 pm (ends 10:00 pm)

Category: Arts - Books & Literature

Venue: Vorhoelzer Forum der Fakultät für Architektur, TU München, Arcisstraße 21, München



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