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Quel est le meilleur?

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Avez-vous des amis dans Philippines comme moi?
Que voulez-vous utiliser pour communiquer avec eux,
en utilisant un ordinateur ou un téléphone mobile?
Lequel des deux est le meilleur?

  • Kathryn Gil

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    Hi Adalaide!I wanna ask,is this website you have shared reliable?How much does it costs if I am going to use it to send sms?

  • Adalaide Montano

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    for me, the best way to have sms is through mobile phone because you just have to reload and both of you have a privacy.but if you have no load and there is an emergency to send sms,then. i suggest to use websites instead. i have relatives in the philippines.we uses social networking sites to communicate..facebook,skype,viber,and this site

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