• work in libya

    Објавено од Избришан корисник во Либија форум  

    you will be very allone socially left with your tv and your friend. to find work is possible but not as easy as you think, your salery - if you are lucky - somewhere between 500 and 1000 eur per month secretarial job. 90% of the hotel are under government control, salery is lower there. top hotel in tripoli operated by maltese 'corinthia' might be a chance, you find them in the web.
    for dressing its good if you have plenty of jeans, no need to wear a scarf. a libyan woman doesnt go out allone - its socially not accepted but everybody will likely recognize you as a foreigner, so you will be more or less safe in cities like tripoli or benghazi - other places, better take care.

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