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Is it realistic to find a room for less than 1000€ in Amsterdam?

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I have an offer for a job in Amsterdam. The company would provide accommodation for the first month, but after that I'm on my own.

I don't mind flatsharing at all and would prefer a room over a studio or 1-bedroom flat. I have found a lot of affordable options on funda and kamernet, but I've also read loads of articles which said it's nearly impossible to find anything within less than 3 months because there's so much competition.

I was wondering how much of that is scaremongering. A lot of the rooms on kamernet have been on there for a few weeks or even months. Are potential housemates just very picky or is there something wrong with those rooms? I'm not eligible for social housing, but also not rich enough for agencies specialised in expat housing. My absolute maximum would be 1400€ bills included, but I'd prefer up to 1000€ inc if I were to rent just a room.

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