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I just recently moved to Gdynia, Poland to coach American Professional Football. Still getting adjusted and acclimated to the new surroundings and new setup. Are there any places where there are all-American hangouts?

  • Jim Born

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    Gracjan, it is very unfortunate that you were in an accident, I hope you have it all right! But they asked about places in Poland where there are all-American hangouts

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    Have you ever been in Poland? I did. While the country is great, unfortunately I had an accident. Quite severe to be honest. While hospitals in Poland were able to help me, I had problem with rehabilition. If not the American Clinic in Wilanow and their second option, I doubt I would be able to be as capable in physical terms as I am now. Basically with their second option, they were able to point me to the best rehabilition clinic in my own country. For which I am thankful.

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