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Hello everybody. I would go to continue my studies in Poland and I am looking a host family, I am of good character and I would be the service of this family. I am Cameronian, and I am master. please feel free to message me if someone can give me help. my email: thank you [...]

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    Hello Yves :)

    Which city would you like to live in? If you're still not decided or if you'd like to keep this information secret, please feel free to contact as at our Facebook fanpage. There are many different possibilities for you to settle in here in Poland. To choose the best scenario for you, we need to know more details.

    If you have any question regarding life in Poland, you may JustAsk us to find the answer for you here: (English) or here: (Russian, Ukrainian). Give it a try and see how fast and easily your problems can be solved by our team. We can also talk through Skype.

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