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How hard is it to live in Poland if you don't know Polish?

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Hi, I want to know how difficult it is to live in Poland if you don't know Polish. How commonly is English spoken? If I were to live in a big city like Warsaw or Krakow, would I have a lot of trouble?

How hard is it to learn Polish (after learning a language like French)?

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  • Adrian Glapinski

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    Hey Sarah,

    In big cities most of young people can speak English, at least they try :) The thing is that if u wanted to run some errands like going to the bank, post office, doctor etc...well, this can be pretty complicated if u dont know basic Polish :)
    And now about learning Polish language :) It is completely different than French and most native speakers of English find it pretty hard to learn... Polish language belongs to the Slavic family of languages and some sounds could be quite difficult....but you can try and iam pretty sure you would have loads of fun learning Polish :)

    Good luck! :)


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