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Living Cost in Wroclaw

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I got a Job offer to work in Wroclaw and right now I'm not sure if I should take the Job, hence I think the Salary is quite low.

How much do I need to life an "average" life with a Car, own Place close to the City, going out for Dinner etc.

What does e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Beer, Groceries, Domestic Helper will cost in Wroclaw?

Is there somewhere a kind of a Tax-Calculator so that I would know how much my Netto-Salary is?

Where to live in Wroclaw ? My work would be located round about 4km west from the "rynek" and I wouldn't like to be too far away form work, hence I don't want to spent my whole day to come to work :)

Thanks already for your help

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    Hello. I know how to help you. My sister is a student of Community Vocational Higher School in Kamień Mały. Also, she is an international student. All about studying and living in Poland my sister found on Free-Apply. It`s really useful web for students, especially for international students. So, here my sister found all information about fees, the costs of living and so on. I hope this information would be useful for you.

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