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Need Career advice- Employment opportunities & Pay scale in Poland post Masters

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I'm Vishal from India planning Management education (Double Degree- Masters in International Business & Managsmentwith Bradford Uni) at Kozminski University, Warsaw and wish to know employment opportunities with payscale range post my Masters.

Profile overview:
1. Bachelors in Technology (Engineering) 4yrs - CPI= 6.89/10
2. QA Work Exp with Cognizant (MNC in IT) for 2 years.
3. 6 Months of Startup experience. (Actually I failed at building my first startup, though won few awards).
- Planning to learn Polish, German (Either of them)

Aspiring to take up management, consulting roles post Masters. I'm taking loan of about 20000Euros which I will need to repay so wish to know what pay scale a candidate like me can expect post masters and possibility of repayment in 2.5 yrs post masters?

So basically, I wish to know the employment opportunity in Poland, Pay scale range and also possibility of fetching job in Germany, France, etc post masters in Poland? (As pay scale is less in Poland). I understand it involves many factors but approx range would help me to take career decision.

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    Hi! I have been living in Poland 2 years. I am a student of Poznan School of Logistics. Studying abroad was my big dream from childhood. So, such a great opportunity to study in Poznan School of Logistics I have because of Free-Apply. It`s really useful web for international student. So, after graduation I`m planning to stay and work in Poland. I really interested in search of different employers and so on.

  • Francesca Canova

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    Hi Vishal,

    How are you doing on your job search?
    I can highly recommand this website for jobs in Poland, they have multiple vacancies for expats across Europe:
    I hope you find something soon! Good luck with the application process.

  • JustAsk Poland

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    Hello :)

    If you're still interested in Poland, please contact us by Facebook private message here: (English). We will check possible salaries for you and after that - if this will look good enough for you - we will advise you how to contact recruitment consultants in Poland.

    After that we can help you to deal with paperwork and to settle in Poland.

    If you have any questions regarding life in Poland, you may JustAsk us to find the answer for you here: (English), or here: (Russian, Ukrainian). Give it a try and see how fast and easily your problems can be solved by our team. We can also talk through Skype.

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