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Start a Shisha Cafe in Poland

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Hello there all,

I really searched all over the internet and i gave up until i found this forum. I would really appreciate if someone could help with explaining to me what do I need to do to start my own Shisha Cafe in Poland and each step how much approx. would cost me. It will be only a Shisha Cafe, alcohol Drinks, tea, coffee, soft drinks. Maybe will add small meals like fries, nuggets, etc. I was also wondering where would it be best to start it (Gdansk, Lodz, Krakow)? I would really appreciate this help.

Note: I want to buy the Place, not Rent. So if you could also suggest some websites to find ready previous restaurants for sale. Thanks

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    A functioning popular Café in the center of Warsaw. About 72m2 (775 ft2) close to the University of Warsaw.

    Café has all the required permits including alcohol concession. Low monthly rent: €950.

    Business operates and is a steady source of an income.

    Price: 235,000 PLN
    contact: cezary.graf (att) | 0048 790 780 999

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