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Barcelona or Madrid?

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I'm looking forward to moving to Spain in the near future - but haven't yet decided where to exactly. I want to live in a vibrant place, so it's probably either Barcelona or Madrid. Any advice or first-hand experience?

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    Madrid es mas barato, pero Barcelona es mejor. ;)

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    I had to make a similar decision, and in the end I picked Madrid! Mostly because I wanted to improve my castellano and not starting learning catalán...I couldn't get along with it!

  • Tassos M

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    hello there! I'm planning to move to Spain next year and I'm thinking of Valencia. I need to see and smell the mediterranean sea!

  • Nadine Santos

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    I agree with Raquelle and Junior - Barcelona is definitely much nicer!

  • Junior .

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    Both cities are nice and have beautiful places like park, squares, museum, etc..
    The biggest difference in my opinion it´s thta Barcelona has beach, is more clean and is not dangerous as Madrid. Madrid is beautiful, but Barcelona is charming. If you have any crazy ‘project’, for sure your place is Barcelona.

  • Raquelle L'Orean

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    Barcelona has a beach, mediteranean climate and it's working quite well...

    Madrid is cold in winter, incredible hot in summer, has only a desert around and is packed with traffic and polution

    Does this help on your decision??? ;o)

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